The bathroom is a place of cleanliness and freshness. With natural stucco Veneziano you have a mould-resistant and water-repellent surface in your bathroom.

Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino in the bathroom

In modern bathrooms, seamless surfaces are very much in demand. With Stucco Veneziano, you can achieve smooth and highly polished walls and ceilings. The typical shine of Stucco Veneziano comes from the pressing of the lime crystals. These marbled surfaces are translucent, the light hits the first layer and an iridescent play of colours is the result. Very noble and beautiful to look at. Due to the alkalinity of the lime, there are no problems with mould. The cleaning has to be done differently from tiles, because lime is sensitive to acid cleaners and you must not use scouring pads. Wipe with a damp cloth. For coarser stains, clean with a soap solution. Click here to go to Venetian soap.

Tadelakt is a plastering technique for the shower

In addition to Stucco Veneziano, the remaining marble plasters can also be used. It is possible to use Tadelakt in the shower, in shower cubicles or snail showers. The floor and wall surfaces should first be provided with a waterproof sealant, as is also the case under ceramic coverings. There are a number of useful products available for this purpose, which you can also obtain from us. Click here for the sealing materials.

Stucco Veneziano is treated with soap or wax for use in the bathroom. The water-repellent, hydrophobic property of lime soap, which is formed by the reaction of soap and lime, causes water to bead up and reduces the absorption of water. Wax is non-polar and is equally water repellent. Wax can be used in addition to saponification. The pores of the limescale are filled and the surfaces have optimal protection against the water vapour in the bathroom. Nevertheless, it is advantageous to dry the shower with a wipe after use to avoid lime stains from hard water.

Tadelakt is also a mineral plaster, but in contrast to Stucco Veneziano, it sets hydraulically. The airborne lime in stucco needs the carbon dioxide from the ambient air to set. Tadelakt gets its water-repellent property from the soap and a wax emulsion.

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