Here you will find ecological detergents and cleaning products from the pioneer in this industry – the German company Sonett

Sustainable detergents and cleaning agents from Sonett


Impulse and task

The initial impulse for the Sonett product line comes from the care and responsibility for water as the source of all life. Water is the real detergent and cleaning agent, and our aim is to protect and preserve this valuable resource.

Our cleaning agents and detergents are made from easily and completely biodegradable raw materials such as purely plant-based soaps, sugar surfactants and minerals such as soda and silicates. These ingredients support the water in its cleaning power and at the same time promote rapid recycling and reintegration into the natural cycle. Washing and cleaning is a cultural achievement that serves people, but also pollutes the water. We therefore see it as our task to organise washing and cleaning in a way that is in harmony with nature and, in particular, with water.


The history of Sonett begins in the 1970s with the emerging health food movement. In 1977, Sonett was founded as one of the first manufacturers of ecological detergents and cleaning agents. However, the company’s actual roots go back even further: at the Flow Institute in Herrischried in the Black Forest, the anthroposophical scientist J. Schnorr worked on analysing drinking water using the drip pattern method. This research laid the foundation for Sonett’s involvement in the field of ecological cleaning agents.</p


For Sonett, entrepreneurial responsibility means giving equal weight to the interplay of ecology, economy and social aspects. Our philosophy of “giving more to nature than we take from it” is at the centre of our actions. This includes not only sustainable production, but also maintaining healthy economic relationships and social structures that are based on equality and the common good.

Responsible corporate governance is of existential importance to us, both at an operational level and in terms of society as a whole. We are committed to ensuring that our actions and our products make a positive contribution to the environment and society.