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What is travertino?

The origin and idea comes from travertine rock. In the building industry the travertine stone is used versatilely, as for example for bricks, columns, plates and some more. A finely balanced mixture of marble lime and various marble powders is used as an imitation of the porous travertine surface. The Travertino filler is applied to walls that are to appear in an antique Mediterranean look. The plaster has a natural white colour and can be coloured with all lime-compatible pigments that we have in our range.

For which walls is Travertino suitable?

Travertino can be used on almost all substrates. Common applications are:

  • kitchen
  • bathrooms
  • bedrooms
  • garages
  • exterior walls
  • façades

What does Travertino look like on the wall?

The walls can achieve the following properties with this lime plaster:

  • porous limestone surface
  • silk matt appearance
  • dyed at will
  • antique stone wall
  • friction plaster structure
  • felted structure

What advantages does Travertino offer?

  • Walls get an antique style
  • Cares for a favourable room climate
  • Lasts for decades (little renovation work necessary)
  • Bindet Odours
  • Absorbs pollutants in the air
  • Absorbs mold growth
  • Aids healthy sleep

What consumption is to be expected?

When used on a smooth surface primed with adhesive primer, the consumption is approx. 1600 grams/m². If a coarse friction plaster is present, it can be smoothed with Travertino.

How to use Travertino correctly?

We have written the appropriate instructions for you, depending on the desired surface. Here it goes to the instruction.

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