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What is Stucco Extra?

This selected mixture of fine marbled lime, marble powder and high white cristobalite is best suited for the production of leveled lime floors.  Stucco Extra is also used in baths and showers for a robust surface. The hardness of the mineral 'cristobalite' produces very firm surfaces. By using the complete range of colours, the right shade for a noble design can be found for everyone.

For which surfaces is Stucco Extra suitable?

Stucco Extra can be used on mineral surfaces indoors. The marble floor can easily be applied on water-guided and electric floor heating systems. Classic areas of application are:

  • kitchens
  • bathrooms
  • wet rooms
  • living rooms
  • bedrooms

What does Stucco Extra look like on the floor?

The fine marble plaster Stucco Extra can achieve the following surfaces:

What advantages does Stucco Extra offer?

  • Ensures a favourable room climate
  • Prevents the formation of mould
  • Easy to clean due to the jointless coating

What consumption can be expected

Ca. 1000 grams/m² per layer depending on the substrate preparation and processing.

What kind of sealant is available to protect the noble surfaces?

To protect the floor from wear and dirt, a coating with PUR sealant is used. The surface becomes matt and insensitive to any dirt. Water does not penetrate into the floor and can be wiped away without any problems. The hardness of the varnish makes the floor less sensitive to scratches.  The colours become a little darker and come out better. Alternatively, the hard oil wax emulsion can be used as a sealant. In the wet room, the hard oil wax emulsion called Stucco Wet Room Impregnation is also used.

How do I clean and care for the Stucco Extra surfaces?

The maintenance cleaning of Stucco Extra surfaces oiled with wet room impregnation is carried out with a mild cleaner. Here you will find a cleaner with high cleaning power, which is very well suited for microporous surfaces. The clean surfaces are refreshed with the oil wipe care. This process should be repeated every 4 weeks. Lacquered surfaces are cleaned, but the oil wipe care is omitted. You can buy the care product here.

How do I apply Stucco Extra correctly?

We have compiled detailed instructions and important data material for the use of Stucco Extra for you. Click here for instructions.

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