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What is Tadelakt?

Tadelakt comes from the traditional architecture of North Africa, which is characterized by building materials such as clay and lime. Everybody knows the steam baths of Morocco, the Hamams, whose soft shapes and matt shining surfaces enchant the European viewer into the fairy tale world of Thousand and One Nights. These lime plasters are dyed with earth pigments, polished with stones and made waterproof with soap. Depending on the ambience, many earth and iron oxide colours can be used to achieve the most diverse shades. Click here and buy colour pigments.

Full declaration:

Natural hydraulic lime, hydrated white lime, dolomite powder, marble sand and powder, quartz sand, alumina.

Where exactly is Tadelakt used?

Tadelakt can be used on almost all surfaces. Classical areas of application are:

  • baths
  • snail showers
  • shower cabins
  • on walls - on the floor it is better to use tiles, natural stone or a shower tray
  • for washbasins
  • decoration objects

What does Tadelakt look like on wall and floor?

The surfaces can achieve the following properties with this lime plaster:

  • smooth surfaces
  • polished to a shine
  • wavy appearance
  • elegant like polished marble

What advantages does Tadelakt offer?

Our Tadelakt powder offers consistent quality, prevents the formation of mold, ensures a favorable room climate, and rooms are presented in a noble style.For 1 m² you need approx. 2.5 - 2.8 kg.

How do I apply Tadelakt correctly?

Click here for the processing instructions.

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