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What is the beginner's complete set?

The beginner's complete set is a special offer and intended for beginners. With this promotion you save up to 20 percent, depending on the selected colour pigments.

What does the complete set-small contain?

  • 1 litre of adhesive primer with marble powder
  • 8 kg creative plaster
  • 5 kg Stucco Veneziano
  • 300 gr colour pigments of your choice
  • wetting agent for pigments (except for micaceous iron ore)
  • 1 Venetian smoothing trowel 825/I - 200x80x0.5 mm
  • 1 small handy trowel 980/I
  • 250 ml Venetian soap
  • processing instructions

If you choose chrome oxide green for the colour selection, the Venetian PVC smoothing trowel will be packed instead of the Venetian smoothing trowel 825/I. If iron mica is selected for the pigments, the wetting agent is not used. It is therefore not included in the scope of delivery.

For how much area is the set sufficient?

You can make up to 8 m² stucco Veneziano, with creative plaster as flush plaster to achieve a good lime plaster layer. Optimum plaster build-up because the material contains everything from a coarser grading curve to the finest grains.

For which walls is Stucco Veneziano suitable?

Stucco Veneziano can be used on almost all interior and exterior surfaces. Classic areas of application are:

  • Kitchens
  • baths
  • parlors
  • garages
  • driveways
  • outer walls
  • facades

What does Stucco Veneziano look like on the wall?

The walls can achieve the following properties with this lime plaster:

  • mirror-smooth surfaces
  • polished to a high gloss
  • looks like real, polished marble

What are the advantages of Stucco Veneziano?

  • Walls get noble, Mediterranean style
  • provides a favourable room climate
  • lasts for decades (little renovation required)
  • binds odours
  • breaks down pollutants in the air
  • prevents mould growth
  • promotes healthy sleep
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Iron oxide red, Chrome oxide green, Iron oxide brown, Iron oxide yellow, Iron oxide black, Ochre light yellow, Ochre orange red, Ochre gold, Green earth, Ultramarine blue, Umbra black brown, Umbra nature, Terra di Siena brownish, Terra di Siena nature, Ochre orange, Rosso Sartorius, Graphite silver powder, Micaceous iron oxide, English red, May green, Turquoise aquamarine, Natural white (no colour pigments necessary), Ultramarine violet, Atlantic blue, Venetian red