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Ready to use, matt lime marble paint.
Highly diffusible and anti-allergenic, for healthy living.
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What exactly is the lime paint?

This ready-to-use, ecologically very valuable coating makes walls and ceilings radiantly white. The contained marble powders are highly opaque and therefore the lime paint is easy to apply. Our lime paint does without synthetic resin binder and without the white pigment titanium dioxide. The bright white marble flours and the brilliant white marsh lime are completely sufficient for a beautiful, luminous lime white.


  • hydrated lime
  • water
  • marble powder
  • dolomite powder
  • clay
  • cellulose

Which substrates is the lime paint suitable for?

Our lime paint is suitable for interior use. Suitable as substrates:

  • all mineral plasters such as
  • lime plaster, fresh or old
  • clay plaster
  • cement plaster
  • lime-cement plaster
  • gypsum-cement plaster
  • dispersion paints
  • silicate paints
  • gypsum plasterboards
  • chipboards
  • clay bricks
  • cellular concrete
  • sand-lime brick

What are the advantages of lime paint?

  • Harmless raw materials for a healthy living space
  • Odourless and moisture-regulating
  • Mould inhibiting and fungicidal
  • Antistatic and dust-repellent
  • Matt and highly opaque marble white

The substrate should be dry and free of separating substances such as oil stains. Minor layers should be removed with a wire brush or spatula. If necessary, the substrate can be strengthened with casein primer.

Can lime paint also be coloured?

Marble lime paint can be coloured with all our colour pigments, except micaceous iron ore. The pigments are mixed to a coloured dough and mixed with the lime colour. You can read the instructions for the production of the coloured dough. Click here to go to the instructions. Before the colored coating one or two coats in white, either with the lime brush or a roller should be applied. The coats with the coloured lime paint are best applied with a lime brush. Non-absorbent substrates lead to stained results. If this is not desired, a casein primer can be applied.

What consumption is to be expected?

On smooth surfaces approx. 130-150 g/m² – one bucket is sufficient for up to 100 m². The lime paint can be diluted with up to 1 l./bucket of water, depending on the absorbency of the substrate. A previous coat of casein primer will equalise the absorbency of the substrate. This facilitates the application and reduces the consumption of the lime paint. The final hiding power of the coating can only be seen after the lime paint has completely dried.

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