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What are mineral adhesion primers made of marble powder or vegetable casein?

In contrast to commercially available primers, these adhesion primers are pigmented with soft marble powder instead of hard quartz sand. Due to this hardness, the quartz sand has the disadvantage that traces of metal abrasion remain on the tool.

These traces of abrasion are particularly noticeable in Stucco Veneziano or Stucco Marmorino. This cannot happen with these mineral adhesion primers with the soft marble powder or with vegetable casein.

When do I need such primers?

Basically, this type of primer should be used before applying Stucco Veneziano or Marmorino. The absorbency will be adjusted and a more comfortable working will be guaranteed. They are suitable for the following substrates:

  • on concrete
  • glass
  • tiles
  • MDF (= wood fibre board)
  • OSB (=wood fibre board)
  • gypsum plasterboards
  • synthetic wall paints
  • metal doors

Marble flour vs. vegetable casein: What is the difference?

Both primers are well tolerated in any room and on any wall. However, the binder acrylate-styrene dispersion is used for the adhesive primer with marble powder. This binder is not organic.

If you do not want to do without the bio-factor in your primer, we recommend our eco-adhesive primer with vegetable casein.

Adhesion primer with marble powder in detail

You can find further information and instructions for use for the adhesion primer with marble powder here.

Adhesion primer with vegetable casein in detail

Further information and instructions for use of the adhesion primer with vegetable casein can be found here.

What is the use of casein deep primer?

The casein deep primer is used to apply lime paint stain-free. The absorption behaviour is reduced and balanced, thus making the application of the lime paint even easier. Chalking or sanding plasters and paints are strengthened and can be painted over with white or coloured lime paint. The aqueous solution dries transparent and smooth and surfaces to be strengthened which are not further coated must be painted from bottom to top to avoid runners or stains.

What exactly is the adhesive plaster?

Adhesive plaster is a mineral lime mortar with adhesion-improving additives. This means that this plaster can also be used on critical substrates and guarantees a subsequent coating with our marble plasters. In addition to its use as an adhesive plaster, i.e. as a base plaster, the plaster can also be used as a finishing plaster and can be applied as smoothing, textured or felt plaster. The surface is white and does not necessarily need to be painted over.

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