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What is Stucco Marmorino?

Stucco Marmorino is a pure lime plaster, produced according to the Italian "recipe" for silk matt or silk gloss coatings, depending on the final treatment. The difference to Stucco Veneziano is the grain strength of the marble flour. This gives the Marmorino a Mediterranean, cloudy appearance and Stucco Veneziano has a pronounced marbling and the shine can be brought to a high gloss. A final coating of soap or wax gives the Stucco Marmorino a silky shine. Untreated, a silky matt surface is given.

For which walls is Marmorino suitable?

Stucco Marmorino can be used on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Classic areas of application are:

  • Kitchens
  • baths
  • parlors
  • garages
  • driveways
  • outer walls
  • facades

What does Stucco Marmorino look like on the wall?

The fine lime plaster Marmorino can achieve the following properties and effects:

  • Silky gloss
  • silk matt
  • Mediterranean Look
  • Great patterns and effects in use with the stencils

What are the advantages of Stucco Marmorino?

  • Provides a favourable room climate
  • lasts for decades (little renovation necessary)
  • Binds unpleasant odours
  • Degrades pollutants in the air
  • Prevents mold growth
  • Favoured by naturalness healthy sleep
  • Fireproof for stoves and fireplaces

What consumption is to be expected?

Approx. 800 grams/m² per coat depending on substrate preparation and application.

How do I use Stucco Marmorino?

We have written detailed instructions and important data material for the use of Marmorino for you. There are also important instructions for the use of stucco Veneziano, Venetian soap, Punic wax, beeswax balsam with carnauba wax and our adhesive primers. Click here for the instructions.

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