Here you can buy stencils for creative wall design

Wall stencils for stencil technique with marble plaster bring modern surfaces into your premises

Seventies stencils

Modern stencils for the popular spatula technique with marble plaster

The selected motifs of our wall stencils with oriental, floral and mythological patterns, as well as those in the decorative curved art nouveau style, are very trendy. You will also find mandalas, tribals, tile stencils, compasses, the world map, stencils with animals and many suitable motifs for children and much more. With these stencils, you can easily create vivid surfaces for a wide variety of rooms. Our stencils are made of special plastic foil. They are very robust and washable, so they can be used countless times. The foil is 0.3 mm thick and can be used very well with Stucco Marmorino. The grain thickness of Marmorino is ideal for these stencils and this marble plaster can be smoothed to a shine if desired. Under the heading “Grid” you will find a selection of stencils with a material thickness of 3.0 mm, which form a stronger contrast to the surface due to their raised relief pattern and thus have a more three-dimensional effect. Travertino is used for these stencils. We also offer multi-layered painting stencils which can simply be dabbed out with lime paint. The wall stencils are available in different sizes and the application is relatively simple. Staple the stencil to the wall with masking tape and apply the Marmorino in the colour of your choice to the foil with a Venetian trowel so that only the empty spaces are filled. Allow the plaster to set briefly and carefully remove the stencil from the wall. Now wait until the plaster is pressure-resistant before smoothing to a shine with the smoothing trowel. After drying, you can colour it with our wax glazes according to your taste. As an alternative to filling, the stencils can be painted with lime paint in different shades.

Ueberschrift Antike
Headline Orient
Ueberschrift Siebziger Jahre
Seventies stencils
Ueberschrift Sonne Mond
Sun Moon Motif Stencil
Ueberschrift Tiere
Ueberschrift Pflanzen
Stencils Plant Motifs
Ueberschrift Kelten
Ueberschrift Kinder
Children's Motif Stencil Rabbit Comic
Headline metal
stencils gear wheels
Headline Clock Compass Stencils
Headline World Map Stencil
Headline Aztek