Here you will find sealants for coating floors and walls on the kitchen cooker

Where are sealers and impregnators used?

  • Behind the cooker to protect against grease splashes when cooking
  • On floors for easy cleaning
  • In shower cubicles and bathrooms
  • In outdoor areas on facades

How are the sealers applied?

Mix the varnish together with the hardener in a suitable container for at least 3 minutes. Then pour the varnish through the varnish sieve into the varnish tray and stir well again. A short-pile roller with microfibres for glazing work is best for obtaining a beautiful finish. The varnish is applied in a criss-cross pattern to minimise roller marks. The material must be applied evenly and the use of a scraper grid or varnish tray is recommended. It is recommended to re-roll with a separate dry roller. Applying the 2C sealer 2 times is recommended.

Here again are the processing steps for the protective sealing of marble plasters, especially on floors or kitchen backsplashes:

  1. Apply 2 coats of 2 C glossy sealer as a base coat
  2. 2 C sealer matt apply 2 times as a final sealer
  3. If the surface is to remain glossy, step 1 is sufficient, but a matt surface is less sensitive and easier to clean.

Special note for 2C sealing

A silicone joint must be drawn between the worktop or floor and the wall to prevent water from being drawn up between the lacquer and the lime coating. CAUTION: It is generally recommended to use a suitable natural stone silicone.

How are the impregnations applied?

Two applications are necessary. The 1st application is applied to the dry, absorbent and untreated marble plaster surface. The 2nd application is applied after 24 hours. Apply with roller, brush or sponge until the coating is saturated. Puddles will wipe away.

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