Stone oil impregnation

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Protect your valuable Stucco Extra floors with our impregnation and give them a natural beauty that lasts. Put your trust in our expertise and treat your surfaces to the best care – sustainable, effective and naturally beautiful.

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Stone oil impregnation - natural protection for Stucco Extra on floors

Our Stucco Naturale stone oil impregnation is a high-quality, non-layer-forming finish, developed according to the latest findings in natural surface treatment. Made from natural and renewable raw materials, this product is the ideal solution for the care and protection of your surfaces such as our Stucco Extra on floors. The stone oil is a unique low-viscosity hard oil-wax combination consisting of carefully selected vegetable oils and fatty acids, high-quality hard wax components and essential oils. This innovative formula combines the outstanding properties of a hard oil with the excellent qualities of high-quality hard waxes. What makes this impregnation special is its ability to preserve the natural properties of the treated material. The surface remains breathable, open-pored and diffusible, while at the same time ensuring effective protection. Another major advantage is the complete avoidance of electrostatic charging, which is particularly important for allergy sufferers and people with dust allergies. The colours are strongly fired and the marbling is more vivid. If necessary, create a sample area. This stone oil impregnation not only fulfils all current ecological requirements, but also complies with all legal requirements and industry certifications. You can therefore rest assured that our product is not only environmentally friendly, but also safe to use. In addition, there is no risk of spontaneous combustion, which means additional safety for you and your premises.


Processing: Stir carefully before use. The surface must be free of dust and grease. If necessary, sand the surface beforehand with 360 - 600 and vacuum. Application quantity approx. 80 - 100 g/m². Apply 2 coats, no excess must remain. Apply by brushing, sponge brush, paint roller or machine spraying. Stone Oil Impregnation can be heated up to max. 60° C during application, which accelerates drying and increases the penetration depth. Drying times: Intermediate drying time between 1st and 2nd application approx. 24 hours. Fully cured after approx. 72 hours from the last application. Moisture exposure only after 1 week drying time. Yield: approx. 5 - 6 m² per litre. Gloss level: silky matt gloss
Properties: resistant to wine, beer, lemonade, coffee, teas, fruit juice, milk, water.
UV-resistant and weatherproof.
Chemicals should generally be absorbed as quickly as possible.
Physiologically harmless after curing.

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