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The finely tuned marble plaster has a very discreet and timeless effect due to the natural mica. By the change of light and shadow and by different viewing angles, exciting reflections arise. Our mica plaster shines additionally with noble gold or silver chips.

For which walls is the mica plaster ‘Starlight’ suitable?

Starlight can be used on mineral substrates indoors.
Classic areas of application are:

  • kitchens
  • baths
  • parlors
  • bedrooms
  • outer walls
  • garages

What does the mica plaster on the wall look like?

The Starlight fine marble plaster can achieve the following surfaces:

  • silk-matt through normal smoothing
  • glossy due to additional coating with wax or soap

What advantages does Starlight offer?

  • provides a favourable room climate
  • binds unpleasant odours
  • breaks down pollutants in the air
  • prevents mould growth
  • timeless elegance

What consumption is to be expected?

Approx. 1300 grams/m² per coat depending on substrate preparation and application.

How do I use Starlight correctly?

We have written detailed instructions and important data material for the use of Starlight for you. In addition, there are important instructions for the use of Marmorino, Stucco Veneziano, Venetian soap, Punic wax, beeswax balsam with carnauba wax, paint doughs and our adhesion primers.

Click here for the instructions.



20 kg, 8 kg

Color of chips

silber, gold

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