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Buy Stucco Veneziano

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The Venetian plaster is world famous. Its unique look has been very popular in this country for a long time. With our products you can bring these special walls into your own 4 walls. Buy Stucco Veneziano here.

  • Mirror-smooth, marbled surfaces
  • Polished to high gloss, very easy to clean
  • For indoor and outdoor use

Buy Stucco Marmorino

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Like Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino is a popular Italian lime plaster for walls. It can be used to achieve glossy or silky matt coatings and create a unique indoor climate for the home. Buy Marmorino here.

  • Silk gloss or satin matt
  • Antique look
  • Stone like surface

Special offer: Stucco Veneziano complete set

Stucco starter kit

With this starter complete set special offer you can easily bring this unique look of Stucco Veneziano to your home. Here you can buy the starter complete set small. Here you can buy the starter complete set large.

  • All Materials for Immediate Release
  • Ideal for beginners
  • You save up to 20 percent!

Buy Creative Plaster

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Creative plaster is specially made for the production of various structures and embossings. The processing with the special tools brings very individual surfaces. Buy Creative Plaster here.

  • Various embossings and structures
  • Stony surface
  • Silk gloss or matt

Buy Travertino

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With Travertino you get an antique Mediterranean wall for a comfortable home. Here you can buy Travertino.

  • Antique wall design
  • Stone wall design
  • Healthy living

Buy Stucco Extra

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Stucco Extra is a noble mixture of bright white materials. Cristobalite is the right mineral for use in natural fillers for floor coatings. These leveled lime floors are resistant, open to diffusion and easy to clean. Buy Stucco Extra here.

  • Glossy or matt sealable
  • Seamless floor covering
  • Smooth and easy-care surfaces

Buy Concrete Optics Putty

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With the concrete look filler, real concrete walls can be easily imitated. The trendy wall decoration gives a puristic and modern ambience. Buy Concrete optics putty here.

  • Ready mixture directly for processing
  • Marble lime putty with marble flour in concrete grey shade
  • For use in decorative wall design

Buy mica plaster “Starlight”

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The sparkle of our refined marble plaster is very charming. Starlight will also enchant your living room. Here you can buy Starlight.

  • Prestigious wall design
  • Modern glitter effect
  • Healthy indoor climate

Buy dry paints/colour pigments

Buy colour pigments

Colour pigments are the best way to give Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino or other lime pressing techniques the right appearance. They are also popular with artists for colour mixing. Buy colour pigments here.

  • Lime resistant and UV resistant
  • Non-toxic
  • For indoor & outdoor use

Buy mineral adhesion primer

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Our mineral adhesion primer ensures that no traces of metal abrasion remain on the wall when you apply Stucco Veneziano or Stucco Marmorino. Buy Adhesive Primer here.

  • Soft marble flour
  • No hard quartz sand
  • No ugly marks

Buy tools

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Whether Venetian smoothing trowel or effect trowel, in our shop you will find what you need for noble lime pressing techniques. To the tools.

  • Special tool for plastering
  • Accessories for great effects
  • Little helpers for the work

Buy Wall Stencils

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Stencilling is a simple and popular way to create unique surfaces. You can let your creativity run wild. We have a select range from industrial to floral to mandalas. Here you can get to the stencils.

  • Modern design
  • Washable and reusable
  • Various sizes available

Buy Effect Trowels

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Casual spatula techniques are easy to achieve with our effect trowels. There are different tools for the appropriate structures and the diverse styles and spaces. Best quality and the typical casualness from Bella Italia. Here you will find the extensive range of effect trowels. 

  • Easy to use
  • Professional and durable quality
  • For eye-catchers and enchanting accents
  • Applicable to a wide variety of techniques and surfaces

Buy Soap, Wax and 2C Sealer

Soap and Wax Home Page

Soap, wax and 2K-sealer are important additional products for Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino. They care for, protect and refine the walls. For use on floors, in wet rooms, in kitchens and bathrooms and basically on all smooth, mineral surfaces. Here you can buy soap and wax. Here you will find 2-component sealants including accessories and tools.

  • Caring and protecting
  • Easy to clean
  • Water repellent
  • Low maintenance

Buy lime paint

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Ready-to-use, environmentally friendly lime paint for brilliant white surfaces. With white marble powder for high-coverage coatings and easy application. Here you can buy lime paint.

  • Without synthetic resin binder and solvent
  • Matt, lime-white surfaces
  • Ready to use
  • Easy to process
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Your advantages with Stucco Naturale


  • Expert advice on the phone: How much do you need? What do you need? Is our product suitable for your wall? We answer all your questions!
  • Natural lime plasters: Our Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino and all the other marble plasters have natural ingredients and provide a better living climate
  • Short waiting times, more fun: We ship your goods within 24 hours of your order. This means you can get started “practically straight away
  • Quality from Austria: Our Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino are manufactured in Austria to the highest quality standards
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Are you looking for a craftsman who is familiar with the processing of stucco Veneziano, marmorino, tadelakt or other filling techniques?

If you are interested in an experienced craftsman, then you are best advised with the wall designers. Further information can be found on the website There you will find details about the building materials used, impressions and the suitable craftsmen for your region.