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Sample case with various spatula techniques


You want to present your customers with new ideas for interior design?

With the Stucco Naturale sample case, you have the most popular spatula techniques at your fingertips. It is often important to see the result in advance. It also often makes sense to touch the structures and surfaces. With the handy sample case, it is easy to give customers good advice. Light and compact design for easy handling. All samples are handmade originals.

The following sample boards are included:

Supplement for Stucco Veneziano sample board
Stucco Veneziano sampling
Description for Sample Case Creative Plaster
Textured Creative Plaster in Gold Sample Board
Marmorino Description Sample Case
Sample board Marmorino ultramarine blue
Filler Floor Description for Sample Case
Sampling Stucco Extra
Description Creative Plaster Sample Case
Sample board creative plaster
Description Bamboo-trowel Sample Case
Bamboo Trowel Sample Board
Mica Plaster Description Sample Case
Sample mica plaster
Concrete Optics Plaster Description for Sample Case
Sampling of concrete optic filler