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Our reinforcement fabric is available by the metre. So you don’t have to buy a whole roll if you need it very little. Simply select the desired running meter above the shopping basket button and add it to the shopping basket. Width is 110 cm so you have with 10 pieces (linear meters) 11 square meters. Overlapping is not absolutely necessary indoors.

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Reinforcing fabric 4 x 4 mm

The reinforcing fabric is a glass silk fabric for the reinforcement of fillers and plasters. Cracks are avoided as far as possible and beautiful surfaces can be filled. We use the reinforcing fabric to prepare the plaster base when tiles are to be filled with filler. The tiles, degreased with special cleaner, are coated with adhesive primer with marble powder. This is followed by lime adhesive plaster in which the reinforcement fabric is embedded. A further coating with the adhesive primer with marble powder is necessary to prevent the joint pattern from forming due to the different absorption behaviour of the substrate. Now the surface is ready for a coating with our marble plasters.


If it is a floor or a wet cell, you can find more information on the product page of Stucco Extra. For walls outside the wet area, Stucco Veneziano, Creative plaster, Mica plaster, Marmorino or Concrete style plaster is used.

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