Polishing grinding wheel


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Polishing grinding wheel with velcro
Grain size 4000
Diameter 150 mm

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Polishing grinding wheel

This grinding wheel is not an ordinary abrasive but has been specially developed for finishing. Due to the innovative net structure, the air can move freely around the abrasive grains, therefore almost dust-free grinding is possible. Optimized for mineral materials.

Technical specifications:
Binder: special plastic
Grain type: silicon carbide
Colour: grey
Diameter: 150 mm
Grain: 4000
Carrier material: fabric on foam

Application recommendation:

  • This tool is designed for perfect finishing. It is used after the last layer Stucco Veneziano or Marmorino to polish it to a high gloss. Afterwards, this surface can be embedded with wax.

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Dimensions 15 × 1 cm

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