About us – Stucco naturale introduces itself

Stucco Naturale introduces itself

Behind the webshop www.stucco-naturale.com stands the Tyrolean entrepreneur Stefan Fischer: The handling of form and colour has always been very interesting for me since my education. Through my further training at seminars for lime plaster techniques and clay building seminars, I have moved away from conventional building materials more and more. Healthy building and living is very future-oriented and a sensible way. The sustainability and ecological harmlessness of products, not only in the construction sector but in general, is not a trend. It is a topic that needs to be treated with absolute seriousness. I have been working intensively with the processing of Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino since 2010. In addition, I offer you in the well-assorted online shop very high-quality and proven products. I rely on the best quality from Germany, Italy and Austria for the production of the products, the packaging and the shipping process.

Your contact persons

Betty Kontaktseite Elisabeth Walcher is responsible for administration, ordering and shipping. Stefan Kontaktseite   Stefan Fischer is responsible for the manufacture of the products and technical advice.

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Your advantages with Stucco Naturale


  • Competent advice on the phone: How much do you need? What do you need? Is our product suitable for your wall? We answer your questions!
  • Natural lime plaster: Our Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino have natural ingredients and provide a better living climate.
  • Short waiting times, more fun: We ship your goods within 24 hours of your order. You can start “practically immediately”.
  • Quality from Austria: Our Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino are manufactured in Austria. ´Made in Austria` stands for top quality.

What customers say about Stucco Naturale

I’ve never done anything like this before in my life. During the execution I consistently followed the description provided. At this point I would also like to praise it, because it made it possible for me, even as an unskilled person, to design my wall with this incredibly beautiful plaster.
Susan Gleichmar

Private customer from Gotha, Germany

Thank you for the fast delivery and professional advice. Cooperation with you is a super thing,  always happy.
Naser Canovic

Drywall constructor from Duisburg, Germany

I wanted to take the design of a bathroom into my own hands. After I had some experience with plastering walls, I took the step and searched the Internet for possible techniques and materials for wall design in showers and wet areas. I quickly came across the website stucco-naturale.com, which I liked very quickly and offered a lot of good information. Nevertheless some questions remained open, which could be clarified however over the contact with Mr. Fischer very fast. My result I feel for a layman as satisfying, but I want to tackle it in another project in the near future again and try to avoid initial mistakes then. In any case, I will return to Mr Fischer’s materials because they are natural and can be easily processed. In addition, the delivery and advice worked very well. My assessment is that the material can be processed well, requires patience and just like in other areas, experience and trial and error can lead to ever better results.
Anne Marxen

Teacher and author from Pantenburg, Germany

Since I had to redesign my bathroom for the disabled, the bathtub was to be taken out and the shower laid out at ground level. Now there were no more tiles in the shops and a solution had to be found. This was then found in marble plaster! And after some researches I landed on the side with “Stucco naturale” with great color pigments, marble plasters, additional equipment and above all instructions. Because I was completely inexperienced in plastering… So I ordered the starter package and got started. The shipping and payment went well. And for intermediate questions Mr. Fischer was also available. I think the result is quite respectable, even if the surface is not as smooth as a mirror. It looks rather antique. I am already thinking about the next project.

Private customer from Lower Saxony, Germany

Mr. Fischer’s pigments are of high quality. The luminosity of the ochre tones on the canvas is impressive. For future orders, stucco naturale is my first address for artist supplies.
David Recordon

Private customer from Weimar, Germany

Service and quality were flawless, I can only recommend. Thank you very much.
Daniel Barras

Private customer from Rehfelde, Germany

Competent and reliable supplier. Delivery from Austria to Germany in record time of only 3 working days. Quick and effective answers to all questions..
Erik Benz

Private customer from Kronach, Germany

After a long research on the internet I came across Stucco Naturale. Quality, processing instructions, service and the price convinced me. The products can also be processed as a layman. I will certainly also realize other projects with Stucco Naturale.
Benjamin Roidinger

Private customer from Vorchdorf, Austria

I was very satisfied with the speed of delivery, the customer service. I can absolutely recommend stucco naturale. Any time again with pleasure!
Hannelore Orschel

Private customer from Sulzbach, Germany

I have intensively studied the processing of Marmorino and Stucco Veneziano. I watched all sorts of videos on the internet, noted down the individual steps and compared the proposed materials at the end, also in terms of price. I always came back to the products of Stucco-Naturale. Just in the home country of the Stucco Veneziano the prices are so overpriced that I ordered from Mr. Fischer, despite high postage costs even cheaper. The goods were also dispatched immediately, but, no wonder at the Italian post office, the delivery took longer than expected. At the end a plastic container of the primer was damaged and the whole material was unusable. Mr Fischer reacted immediately and offered a replacement, but this was not necessary. The result is impressive, although this was my first attempt. The next project is already in preparation and I am looking forward to the design of the walls.
Karl-Heinz Klemens

Private customer from Cupra Marittima, Italy

Answers to questions about the product and its processing are immediately provided in a very understandable and competent manner. The goods are shipped immediately and the material can be processed exactly as described by Mr. Fischer. The Venetian smoothing trowel is a must if you don’t have it in your toolbox yet! Thus it is also possible for laymen (e.g. me) to create an optically really appealing wall design. I can recommend the online shop to 100% and am already looking forward to the next project.
Josef Schaubmair

Private customer from Feldkirchen an der Donau, Austria

The contact with Mr. Fischer has given me pleasure and I am very curious how the processing works. If everything works out and looks like the way I imagined it would look afterwards, I will be happy to continue ordering from Mr Fischer. I have the impression that it is all fair and honest offers that help to make our direct environment more beautiful and natural. The delivery worked very well and it is all there. Now only I am in demand with the execution ….and I dream of a sea behind the toilet on the wall and some of it on the mirror ……….
Regina Brasse

Company customer from Allmannshofen, Germany

Looking for an alternative to tiles on the bathroom wall, I came across Stefan Fischer’s homepage stucco-naturale. The products and their description immediately appealed to me. All questions, which I had then still, were answered to me very in detail by Mr. Fischer by email. The delivery of the goods was very fast and an exact instruction was also attached to the starter set. Thus Stucco Marmorino and Veneziano can be processed also for me as an absolute beginner very easily and well.
Nina Pevestorf

Private customer from Lüchow, Germany

I already have experience with another dealer. That’s where the service stops with the order. Mr Fischer is different: prompt delivery, excellent service. He also reveals one or two tricks that make working easier. Very recommendable, will not remain my only project with such top material, continue like this!!!
Steffen Dibow

Private customer from Luckenwalde, Germany

In my professional environment as a planner and executor, you can only survive with reliability and quality. In this respect Mr. Fischer of Stucco Naturale convinced me with his commitment, patience and know-how. This is where customer service is really lived. One can only say: keep up the good work!
Patric Arlanch

Architect from Vienna, Austria

Perfect product that can be perfectly processed. Good and factual explanation is enclosed and if you stick to it, the work will succeed. A special plus the fast dispatch. All around satisfied from my side.
Ralf Jagmann

Corporate client from Aachen, Germany.


  • I was and am very satisfied with your customer service.
  • I was and am very satisfied with the quality and the price-performance ratio of your goods.
  • I was and am very satisfied with the delivery service of your goods.
  • I was and am very satisfied with the conversation with you.

These evaluations concern all deliveries to me. I would and will recommend you to others and also give you the maximum possible score for the above quality characteristics. Thank you very much.

Ulrich Burkhardt

Private customer from Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

Many thanks for the speedy delivery, absolute top quality. Customer service at its finest, no questions left unanswered very professional. Absolute recommendation on my part!!!!!! Continue So !!!!!
Antonio Grimaudo

Private customer from Gengenbach, Germany

I have been searching the internet for a while for understandable introduction and fair prices since I have zero experience in the matter. At Stucco Naturale I found what I was looking for. When I once, an advice would need. By email, answer came immediately. I can only recommend fair prices, good service, fast delivery.
Semjon Mertens

Private customer from Wörth am Rhein, Germany

Super fast delivery, great product.can be beautifully processed.final result top.i recommend stucco naturale.thank you for everything.
Christian Nussdorfer

Private customer from Salzburg, Austria

Mr. Fischer I can only recommend, before the purchase holes in the stomach asked and months after the purchase Mr. Fischer stood aside and gave me tips. Mr. Fischer I give 5 stars, for the first-class commodity and above all the consultation. Continue like this. Thank you very much.
Fam. Kessler-Ghattas

Private customers from Karlsruhe, Germany

The purchasing and customer service at Stucco-Naturale are very good. I used Mamorino for the first time and the instructions helped me a lot. A clear recommendation for this shop .
Karsten Fikus

Private customer from Magdeburg, Germany

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