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Mineral adhesive plaster for coating on primed tiles with integrated reinforcing fabric, as a base plaster for our fine marble plasters, as mineral substrate on the composite waterproofing,as friction or felt plaster.
Available in 8 kg and 20 kg containers.

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An explanation of the adhesive plaster

The adhesive plaster of Stucco naturale is a ready-to-use, mineral lime mortar with marble powder, marble lime and adhesion-improving additives. Either as smoothing plaster for coarse plasters for the necessary preparation of the surface for our fine marble plasters, for the reinforcement of tiles which were previously painted with the bonding primer, as mineral substrate on the composite waterproofing, as friction plaster or as felt plaster.

On which surfaces can the bonding plaster be directly applied?

  • All mineral substrates (lime, gypsum and cement plaster)
  • Concrete surfaces
  • Aerated concrete flat blocks
  • Gypsum plasterboard/gypsum fibre boards

These substrates require a primer before using the adhesive plaster:

  • clay plaster
  • very smooth mineral surfaces
  • plasters with synthetic composition

The advantages of the adhesive plaster

  • Adheres to many surfaces
  • Without a synthetic resin binder
  • A wide range of applications

The consumption of the adhesive plaster

When plastering on primed surfaces, the consumption is approx. 1.5 kg/m². When used on primed tiles with embedded reinforcement fabric, consumption is approx. 3 kg/m².

Instructions for the different application possibilities of the adhesive plaster

It is possible to use the adhesive plaster as a finishing coat or as a base coat, the exact way to use it can be found in the summarized instructions for use. Here you can find the instructions for the adhesive plaster.

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