Adhesion primer with marble grain

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Adhesion primer extra roughly is used for: Tadelakt
Adhesion primer roughly is used for: Stucco Extra, Creative Plaster, Mica Plaster, Concrete Style Plaster, Travertino
Adhesion primer fine is used for: Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino

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  • Adhesion primer with marble powder
  • aqueous dispersion as binder

On which substrates can this adhesion primer be used?

    • gypsum plasterboards
    • steel reinforced concrete
    • dispersion paints
    • tiles
    • glass
    • MDF - wood fibre board
    • metal etc.

/The substrate must be dry, load-bearing and free of grease, dust and oil! 3 hours before and during application, stir well so that as much of the marble powder as possible can be applied. The temperature during processing should be between 5° C and 30°C. Recommended application is with a brush, alternatively with a roller. The adhesion primer with marble powder can be diluted with up to 10% water on highly absorbent surfaces.


1 l is sufficient for approx. 10 m²; depending on the structure and absorbency of the substrate, consumption may vary!

Drying time:

Ca. 12 hours at + 20 °C


The temperature for storage should be between 5 °C and 30 °C. After opening, the shelf life is about 10 weeks.


Clean tool immediately after use with water and soap.

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12l., 5l., 1l.

Grain size

extra rough, rough, fine

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