Polyurethane 2K Sealer glossy

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2-C PUR sealer glossy

Glossy sealer for mineral coatings such as Stucco Extra, Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino and all other marble renders from our range. Ideally suited for use on floors and on kitchen mirrors, i.e. the back wall behind the worktop, to ensure long-lasting protection. Hot oil and other splashes can be wiped off easily thanks to this sealant. Water rolls off, grease stains and the like can be removed with commercially available cleaners.


  • inside
  • as a top sealer


  • Very good adhesion to the substrate
  • good light stability
  • no yellowing
  • fast curing at room temperature


  • approx. 80 - 120 g per coat

Mixing ratio:

  • 5 : 1 (by weight)
  • 5.4 : 1 (by volume)


  • It is essential to avoid applying our waxes or Venetian soap to the coating. The 2-component sealant does not adhere to them. To ensure a trace-free application of the 2-component sealers, it is recommended to use the impregnation for 2-component sealers beforehand. Drying time of the impregnation is approx. 8 - 12 hours. Prime the impregnated surface with 2-C gloss sealer and seal with 2-C polyurethane sealer matt. If a glossy finish is desired, then coat a second time with 2-C gloss sealer. The sealer is applied in a criss-cross pattern to minimise rolling marks.

    A short-pile roller with microfibres or a foam roller for glazing work is best suited to obtain a beautiful surface. The material must be applied evenly and the use of a scraper grid or paint tray is recommended. Two coats will give the desired protection.

    Open time in the pot (at 50% rel. LF):

    approx. 2 hours (20 °C)

    Working time (at 50% rel. humidity):

    15 -20 minutes (30 °C)
    25 -35 minutes (20 °C)
    50 -60 minutes (10 °C)

    Working time between 2-C gloss and 2-C matt:

    min. 2 -3 hours, max. 12 hours at 30 °C
    min. 4 -5 hours, max. 24 hours at 20 °C
    min. 9 -13 hours, max. 48 hours at 10 °C

    Curing (full mechanical load-bearing capacity at 50 % rel. humidity):

    3 days (30 °C)
    7 days (20 °C)
    10 days (10 °C)

    Make a silicone joint at the connections. Attention: Use natural stone silicone! Technical data sheet enclosed.

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