Sensitive dishwashing detergent

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  • Purely plant-based surfactants
  • Without petrochemical ingredients
  • Without fragrances, colourants, preservatives
  • Especially gentle on the skin
  • 100% biodegradable
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Sonett Dishwashing Liquid Sensitive - For gentle and effective cleaning

Discover Sonett Dishwashing Liquid Sensitive, a concentrated, fragrance-free dishwashing liquid that is characterised by its excellent skin compatibility and environmentally friendly properties. Ideal for manual dishwashing, this detergent dissolves grease and dirt effectively and gently. Main ingredients:

  • Sugar surfactant (5-15%): Made from sugar, starch and coconut oil, known for its high cleaning power and skin-friendliness
  • Coconut fatty alcohol sulphate (1-5%): Combined with sugar surfactants for enhanced cleansing efficiency, derived from coconut oil and sulphur oxides
  • Vegetable alcohol (ethanol) (1-5%): Has a disinfectant effect and supports the cleaning power
  • Food grade salt (<1%): Natural ingredient to stabilise the formula.
  • Citrate (<1%): Helps to prevent limescale deposits and ensures streak-free dishes
  • Water swirled ad 100%: High-quality water that has been energised by swirling

Special features of the product:

  • Environmentally friendly: The surfactants used are biodegradable and kind to the environment
  • Skin-friendly: Fragrance-free, ideal for sensitive skin
  • Economical: A small amount is enough for a large amount of crockery

Ingredients according to EC 648/2004

Aqua, Alkylpolyglucoside C10-C16 (Lauryl Glucoside), Sodium C8-C14 Fatty Alcohol Sulfate (Sodium Octyl Sulfate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), Alcohol, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Citrate

Origin and properties of the ingredients

The sugar surfactants are obtained from sugar, starch and coconut fat, while the coconut fat alcohol sulphate is made from coconut fat and sulphur oxides. This combination ensures excellent grease dissolving power and very good skin compatibility.

Technical data

  • Density (20 °C): approx. 1.027 g/cm³
  • pH value (20 °C, 5 g/l H₂O): approx. 7-8

Store the product ideally between 10 and 25 °C. Short-term temperature deviations do not harm the product. Please keep out of the reach of children.

Application area

Sonett Dishwashing Liquid Sensitive is an extremely economical product for washing dishes by hand and is insensitive to water hardness.


Add 2 squirts (approx. 3 ml) to 5 litres of water or directly to the sponge. Experience the gentle and effective cleaning power of Sonett Dishwashing Liquid Sensitive - perfect for everyday use and good for the environment.

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