Each colour is characterised by its very own character, its own brightness and the interplay with other colours. With them, moods and impressions can be achieved that would not be possible without colours. They give our home, our workplace and our surroundings an individual charm and bring new momentum. All the colours listed here can be used with Stucco Veneziano and all our other marble plasters. The exact details on the suitability and properties of the colour pigments offered are already described in another blog.

Each color is said to have certain meanings and effects, which we summarize here:


Meaning/symbolism: peace, trust, beauty, freshness, longing, infinity. Effect: Soothing, relaxing, lets you fall asleep well, reduces stress and hecticness. Blue pigment powder: Ultramarine blue, Turquoise aquamarine.


Meaning/symbolism: generosity, security, relaxation, harmony, hope, naturalness, serenity. Effect: Regenerative, harmonizing, promotes calm and balance, refreshing, stimulates the desire to travel. Green pigment powder: Chrome oxide green, Green earth from Verona, May green


Meaning/symbolism: love, passion, will, activity, energy, warmth, joy. Effect: Exciting, invigorating, vitalizing and dynamic. Red pigment powder: Iron oxide red light, Rosso Sartorius, English red.


Meaning/symbolism: maturity, reason, knowledge, logic, warmth, success, happiness. Effect: Encouraging, strengthens nerves, promotes concentration, brings sun into the mind. Yellow pigment powder: Ochre gold, Iron oxide yellow, French ochre light yellow, Terra di Siena nature.


Meaning/symbolism: naturalness, down-to-earthness, origin, reliability, closeness to the earth, harmony. Effect: Earth tones have a calming effect and give us warmth and security. Brown pigment powder: Iron oxide brown medium, Umbra nature, Terra di Siena brownish, Umbra fired black brown.


Meaning/symbolism: optimism, joie de vivre, exuberance, self-confidence. Effect: radiates warmth, promotes conviviality, brightens the mood, builds up and enhances performance. Orange pigment powder: French ochre red-orange, French ochre havane orange, Rosso Sartorius


Meaning/symbolism: mysticism, spiritual power, piety, inspiration, magic, unconsciousness. Effect: Balancing, regenerating, strengthens the meditation effect. Violet pigment powder: colour mixture of Iron oxide red light and Ultramarine blue.


Meaning/symbolism: tenderness, romance, love, joy, positivity. Effect: Gentle, soft, calming. Mix pink shades: White and Englishred. White, grey and black are the ideal colours to combine. However, too much black and grey is often perceived as dark and heavy. I won’t go into the philosophizing whether white and black are colours here.


Meaning/symbolism: purity, perfection, light, clarity, cleanliness, innocence, modesty. Effect: Soothing, encouraging, peaceful, provides clarity.


Meaning/symbolism: neutrality, sobriety, objectivity, simplicity, restraint. Effect: Humble, caring. Grey pigment powder: Iron mica, Graphite silver powder, Iron oxide black.


Meaning/symbolism: elegance, dignity, seriousness, prestige, modernity, objectivity, functionality, profession, career. Effect: Fascinating, strengthening, solemn, arouses curiosity. Black pigment powder: Iron oxide black, Graphite silver powder.


They make the room low and the ceiling can be overwhelming. Small rooms look larger when light and cool colours are chosen. For example, light blue tones convey a feeling of expansiveness. The most important basic formula: No fear of mistakes. The unfinished can also have a particularly attractive effect.

Would you like to take a closer look at our range of colour pigments?


  • Chrome oxide green
  • Ochre red-orange
  • Iron oxide brown
  • Ochre gold
  • Umbra nature
  • Iron oxide red
  • Ultramarine blue
  • Terra di Siena brownish
  • Iron mica
  • Umbra black-brown
  • French ochre havane
  • Iron oxide yellow
  • Rosso Sartorius
  • Graphite Silver Powder
  • Iron oxide black
  • Terra di Siena nature
  • Green Earth
  • Light yellow washed ochre
  • Englishred
  • Turquoise aquamarine
  • May green
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