In order to find out when a product is expensive and when it is not, the only thing that helps is to compare: for a middle-class tile you pay from 30 euros. Then you have the tiles. Tile adhesive, grout and silicone also have to be purchased. The annoying cleaning work always remains at the joints. Dispersion fillers and dispersion paints contain organic binding agents which are very susceptible to all possible types of mould. The purchase is quite expensive and the additional costs due to the maintenance costs are not to be ignored. Sometime you will sit in a room with a rubber skin on the walls and wonder why you feel uncomfortable.

What about Stucco Veneziano & Marmorino?

With organic lime products such as Stucco Veneziano or Marmorino this is much better because the plaster can be cleaned with Venetian soap solution. The natural and lightfast colour pigments can then shine again in old freshness. There are no problems with mould with lime plasters because the alkaline Mileu is not suitable for mycelium growth. Thus the marble plasters are seen in the long run, very cost-saving and above all a healthy and also a very beautiful and elegant coating of the walls and ceilings. Meanwhile also already furniture, interior and accessories are coated with lime to receive a noble impression. By the most different processing possibilities great results can be obtained in an instant and for little money. Nowadays it is more important to realize one’s own ideas and not only to make a unique piece of furniture or a special spatula work on the walls through creative work, but also to process something sustainable. Without having to buy something new, to realise something that reflects one’s personal character through one’s own idea alone, is a very good experience.

How high is the price for such a marble plaster?

With the products Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino you can work on one m² from €4.25 (incl. VAT). If you have the Stucco Veneziano or the Marmorino processed because you don’t have the time or the desire to do it yourself, it costs from 80 Euro (incl. VAT). Depending on the chosen colour pigments and processing as well as the possible use of Venetian soap or wax coatings, the costs per square metre can rise to 120 Euros and more.

Here we offer you the low-cost introduction

If you have never worked with Stucco Veneziano before, Stucco Naturale offers a starter set with everything you need for processing at a special price. If you are interested, you can read more about it in this blog post. Click here to read. Instructions for the correct use of Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino can be found here (to the instructions).