Stencils are practical aids for designing modern or antique surfaces. We offer stencils for a wide range of themes.

Stencils for the walls, i.e. for wall painting or for various spatula techniques with reusable painting stencils

Whether oriental mandalas, antique motifs, compass, clock, skull & bones, animals or children’s motifs, all motifs can be applied to various surfaces with ease. Either filled with marble plaster or painted with colours, depending on which materials you want to apply the patterns or motifs to, you can spatula or paint the stencils on the wall, dab them on textiles such as on bags or even spray them with lacquer spray. No matter how, you will definitely create your very own personal eye-catcher. Each creation is unique and brings joy to you, your family and your friends.

Antique and oriental stencils

You can choose from Moroccan designs, geometric, Buddhist mandala, floral patterns whether round or in quarter circle formats, deities from ancient mythology such as Medusa and Apollo and a large range of beautiful borders in various sizes. Symbols from the mythology of the Celts and Druids are also very popular. Celtic knots are popular wall tattoos. They have neither a beginning nor an end and symbolise eternal connection and friendship.

Apollo Stencil
Stencil spiral seventies style

Stencils in 70s style

Retro – back to the 70s. The style of the time was wild and striking patterns and shapes. Futuristic and exciting were the furnishings and the critical spirit of the 70s demanded extravagant and unbridled designs. Who doesn’t know the flowery, playful and geometric shapes of wallpapers and carpets. Or the psychedelic patterns of curtains or other fabric prints. Intense colours were a must for this. With our stencils in 70s style, you can revive this time.

Stencils for children’s rooms

Children feel most comfortable with soft pastel colours, friendly animal motifs and repeating patterns of borders. ProStencil offers you stencils with cute dogs, hippos, fish, elephants, sun-moon-stars and some more. The wall stencils for children can easily be painted with our ecologically valuable lime paint or filled in with colourful marble plaster to create a tactile feel for the children that they can also feel and touch the motifs.

Stencil dog for children
Clinker Wall Brick Wall Stencil

Stencils with 3 mm for 3D effect

We not only have the standard stencils with 0.3 mm thickness on offer, but also some with 3 mm. These stencils are filled with the coarse-grained marble plaster “Travertino” and form a stronger contrast to the surface due to their raised relief, which makes the motifs look more three-dimensional. Also very popular is an additional treatment with transfer foil which is available in various metallic colours such as gold, silver, bronze and interference colours. Whether brick wall or mosaic, geometric pattern or heart leaf, it is possible to find the right motif for different ambiences.


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