Fireplaces and stoves should not only have the property to heat your rooms. We want an eye-catcher of the special kind. A smooth surface is to be preferred to a rough one, because we want to be able to wipe away the increased dust accumulation in the heating period comfortably. Storage stoves, tiled stoves and heating fireplaces bring a pleasant warmth and are very popular. Modern fireplaces are often built which look very minimalistic due to their straightness. But also curved curves are modern and very popular, because they also harmonize in rural style. The contrast of the different materials such as glass, metal and lime is very attractive and nothing stands in the way of a contemporary design.

Why is Stucco Veneziano and Marmorino so popular for the surface design of fireplaces and stoves?

Lime is the main component of Stucco Veneziano and Stucco Marmorino and as a non-combustible building material it is ideally suited to turn your fireplace into something special. Fire protection and building ecology at the highest level. Due to the naturalness of the products of Stucco Naturale, no toxic gases escape and nothing can stand in the way of healthy living and the pleasant radiant heat will give you even more pleasure.

Some example images

Stucco Veneziano at the oven

Swunged curves are often used in Feng Shui. Stucco Veneziano natural white.

Oven modern

Minimalist look with stucco Veneziano in earthy hue

 Timeless oven

Timeless design with classic Marmorino

Oven creative

Creative design for built-in cookers

Here we offer you a low-cost introduction

If you have never worked with Stucco Veneziano before, Stucco Naturale offers a starter set with everything you need for processing at a special price. If you are interested, you can read more about it here in this blog post and buy our unique special offer here. Instructions for the correct use of Stucco Veneziano, Marmorino, Mica plaster, Creative plaster, Travertino and Concrete look can be found here (to the instructions).


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