Instructions for processing and product information of the concrete optics set

Processing of the concrete optic filler:

These substrates are primed beforehand:

  • Gypsum plasterboard
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Emulsion Paints
  • Tiles
  • Glass
  • MDF
  • Metal etc.

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Mineral substrates such as lime, cement or gypsum plaster can be started immediately. Lets go.

The coloured concrete style stucco is applied evenly and thinly with a Venetian smoothing trowel. If you use the accessory set, a flash-off time of approx. 15 minutes is observed. With the plug, the holes are pressed in in a rectangular grid with a rotating movement. Now the plastic foil is applied to the surface and pressed lightly with the trowel. Afterwards, make sure that no material adheres to the film when it is removed; if this is the case, the film can be completely removed.
From the moment the putty is applied (leather hard), it is smoothed with a Venetian smoothing trowel.
The aim is a concrete grey surface with the imprint of the concrete formwork imitated by using the plastic foil and the stopper. The formwork elements can then be reproduced by scratching fine lines into the coating with a horizontal slat and a trowel and smoothing it again.
Optional: After a drying time of approx. 12 hours, Punic wax is applied liquid with a sponge. Allow to flash off for 30-45 minutes and polish with a microfibre cloth.

Product Information

Concrete look filler is used for decorative wall design. Due to its high alkalinity, it is resistant to mould fungi and highly permeable to water vapour diffusion.

Full declaration: Marble lime [Ca(OH)²], marble powder [CaCO³], water, cellulose, inorganic colour pigments, 1,2-propanediol.

Yield: approx. 1300 g/m²; depending on substrate and application also a higher consumption is possible!

Specific weight: approx. 1.31 kg/l

Ph value: 12,5

Storage conditions: Frost-free and in closed containers, covered with a PVC film and a layer of water, durable for many years.

Safety instructions: R36/38: Irritating to eyes and skin.