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PVC masking tape - protective tape from Schuller

This PVC plastering tape is cross-grooved and can therefore be easily cut by hand. The tape is designed to protect fixtures and fittings during cleaning work. Very high adhesive strength and conformable even on rough surfaces. However, care should be taken with PVC surfaces. These tapes are UV-resistant and suitable for outdoor use. The tapes are used for plastering, stucco and building protection work indoors and outdoors. If marble plasters are pre-wetted with water during smoothing work, these adhesive tapes are ideal as they are waterproof.


Width: 30 mm.
Length: 33m.
Colour: white
Resistant to light chemicals.
Particularly edge-stable and easy to unroll.
Heat resistant up to 60° Celsius (60 minutes).
Safe to use outdoors for up to 14 days and indoors for up to 30 days.

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