Joint sealing tape – Expansion joint tape


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Elastic, rubberised joint sealing tape for composite sealing under mineral coatings or ceramic coverings. Available by the metre.

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Joint sealing tape-expansion joint tape

This double-sided fleece-laminated, rubberised, highly elastic expansion joint tape is for the secure sealing of corner, connection and movement joints as well as pipe penetrations. For use for composite sealing in wet rooms and bathrooms in conjunction with the liquid foil on a dispersion basis. Here you can buy the recommended sealing compound.

Properties of the sealing tape:

  • Available in yard ware
  • Width: 12 cm
  • Expansion at break according to EN ISO 527-1: 315%
  • Thickness: approx. 0.70 mm
  • waterproof
  • tear-resistant >/li>
  • fleece-laminated on both sides for high bonding strength
  • alkali-resistant
  • for walls and floors
  • easy to process

Available in yard ware exactly fitting your project.


  • cut to the exact length
  • sealing compound (liquid foil) is applied to the corners with a smoothing trowel or alternatively with the roller
  • lap sealing tape onto the sealing compound and press it into the material with the smoothing trowel without wrinkles
  • the sealing tape and the complete surface is sealed with the sealing compound coated
  • after drying for approx. 4 hours, a second layer of sealing compound is applied to reliably close possible air pores and to ensure a permanent seal
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