Effect trowel ‘Bamboo’


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Special trowel for drawing lines for noble spatula technique. 115×280 mm.

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Effect trowel 'Bamboo'

Made in Italy by 3M - Marmorinotools. 115 x 280 mm plastic trowel. Light handy tool.

Recommended use:

Simply draw fine lines in the fresh plaster with the special trowel. Horizontally, vertically or individually according to your taste. In the example photo you can see in the gallery above, a layer of creative plaster was applied in natural white and lines were drawn with the effect trowel 'Bamboo'. The putty should tighten to such an extent that the surface can be smoothed with feeling. After drying the whole surface was glazed with Punic Wax gold and polished afterwards. Of course you can work with any colour; just mix our dry colours with the Punic wax transparent and use as glaze. Up to 2% (by weight) of colour pigments can be mixed into the transparent Punic Wax to give the full shade of the chosen colour.

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with Stucco naturale