Instructions for Venetian soap

A sodium soap prepared from olive oil to protect lime surfaces (such as Stucco Veneziano or Marmorino) in outdoor areas, in indoor areas for wet cells and also for cleaning and polishing smoothed lime surfaces.


  • Free of artificial surfactants and preservatives
  • Very economical and without foam formation
  • Lipid replenishing with caring effect
  • Dissolved in demineralised water
  • 100% biodegradable

Wall cleaning:

With a solution of lukewarm water and soap, 1 spoon soap in 2.5 lt. of water, the dirt is washed off with a sponge and then polished with a microfiber cloth:

Polishing of smoothed lime surfaces:

After the lime coating has been compacted, allow the surface to dry for approx. 2 – 4 hours, depending on the climatic conditions and substrate, and then apply a thin layer of soap with a venetian smoothing trowel; the excess is to be taken. Repeat the application several times. The soap is pressed into the capillary pores of the lime, reacts with the lime and lime soap forms. This protective layer lets the moisture drip off and dust does not adhere. The trowel is then heated to approx. 60°C with an iron or a hot-air dryer. The heating must be repeated several times. This hot trowel is pulled over the surface at a very flat angle and cleaned again and again with a cloth. Afterwards the surface can be polished with a microfibre cloth.

Additive for Stucco Veneziano:

In order to make the putty for the last layer of stucco Veneziano smoother and easier to apply, 5% Venetian soap is added. This increases the shine.


Unlimited shelf life with cool and dry storage.