Stucco wet room sealant

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Stucco Wet Room Impregnation

The Stucco Wet Room Impregnation is ideally suited for the water-repellent treatment of shower enclosures, wet rooms and floors that are filled with Stucco Extra. Non-layer-forming hard oil wax mixture based on vegetable oils, balsam resins, hard waxes, isoparaffins and lead-free drying agents.

  • Open-pore impregnation for highly abrasion-resistant and waterproof surfaces
  • Deep penetration into the pores provides a firm substrate, high impact resistance and fresh appearance
  • Resistant to wine, beer, soft drinks, tea, coffee, fruit juice, milk, Water
  • UV-resistant and weather-resistant
  • Chemicals should be absorbed as quickly as possible
  • No spontaneous combustion
  • Tested according to EN 71/T3 (children's toy standard)
  • Physiologically harmless after curing
  • Ready for processing


The Stucco wet room impregnation is applied to the marble plaster treated with casein depth primer. The substrate must be solid, absorbent and free of any residues such as dust, grease, silicone and any other substances which may negatively influence the penetration of the material. It can be applied by brushing, spraying, wiping, rolling, but also by airless airmix and electrostatic methods. Room and material temperature at least 15 °C. You will find a suitable roller here. Shake well and stir well before use. Apply evenly thinly until the surface no longer absorbs oil. Surplus material must be absorbed with an absorbent cloth without leaving any residue in order to avoid matt and shiny areas. The longer the freshly treated floor is protected in the first few days, the higher the lifetime.

Technical data

Colour shade:

Yellowish due to the Carnbauba wax. White areas yellow. The existing colours become more fiery and intense. When used at Stucco Extra, the impregnation gives a silky matt surface.


During drying, good air exchange must be ensured

Drying times:

Grip-resistant after approx. 2 hours, fully dried after approx. 24 hours, loadable and ready for use after approx. 72 hours.


1 litre / 5 litres


Approx. 100 ml/m²/application. 2 applications are recommended. Thus 1 litre is sufficient for 5 m².

Cleaning the tools:

With special cleaner. Here you can buy the special cleaner.


At room temperature in closed original containers at least 12 months.

Weight 0.90 kg

1 litre, 5 litres

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