Epoxy 2C Sealer


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EP water-based paint, transparent, glossy, low emission.
For sealing of marble plaster.
Grease, oil and stubborn stains can easily be wiped off.
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Epoxy resin sealing glossy

Water-based varnish for the sealing of marble plasters. For use with kitchen mirrors, i.e. the rear wall behind the worktop, ideally suited to ensure reliable protection. Hot oil and other dirt can be easily removed thanks to this sealant.



  • water vapour permeable
  • water dilutable
  • very good adhesion to the substrate
  • low VOC emission


  • 1. Layer: 150 grams and 20% water
  • 2. Layer: 70 grams and 10% water

Processing temperature

Bottom processing temperature: +12 °Cmax. permissible relative humidity 75 %Highest processing temperature: +30 °Cmax. permissible relative humidity 85 %


In order to ensure trace-free application of the 2-component sealants, prior impregnation with the impregnation for 2-component sealants is strongly recommended. Here you can buy the impregnation. A short pile roller with microfibres or a foam roller for glaze work is best suited to obtain a beautiful surface. The varnish is applied crosswise to minimize roller build-up. The material must be applied evenly and the use of a scraper grid is recommended. Draw a silicone joint at the connections. Caution: Use natural stone silicone!
Waiting time between the two coats:
At +10 °C: approx. 24 h
At +20 °C: approx. 16 h
At +30 °C: approx. 12 h
Technical data sheet is enclosed.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 9.5 × 21 cm