Here you will find sealants for coating floors and walls on the kitchen cooker

Where are 2K sealants used?

  • Behind the stove for protection against fat splashes during cooking
  • On floors for easy-care cleaning.

How are 2-component sealants processed?

Mix the varnish and hardener in a suitable container for at least 3 minutes. Then pour the varnish through the varnish sieve into the varnish tub and stir well again. A short-pile roller with microfibres is best suited for glazing work to obtain a beautiful surface. The varnish is applied in a criss-cross pattern to minimise roller marks. The material must be applied evenly and the use of a paint grid or the paint tray is recommended. It is recommended to re-roll with a separate dry roller. It is recommended to apply the 2-component sealant twice.

Here again the processing steps for the waterproof sealing of the marble plasters especially on floors or kitchen back walls:

  1. Apply 2 coats of 2-component glossy sealer as a base coat
  2. Apply 2 coats of 2-component matt sealer as a final seal
  3. If the surface is to remain glossy, step 1 is sufficient, but a matt surface is less sensitive and easier to maintain.

Special note

A silicone joint must be made between the worktop or shower tray and the wall to prevent the water from rising between the paint and the lime coating. ATTENTION: It is generally recommended to use a suitable natural stone silicone. Do you have any further questions? Get in touch with us: To the contact form.

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